Camino del Norte – Day 11: O Pino – Santiago de Compostela – 16,7 km. ⁣

Today is a short day: I “only” have to walk into Santiago de Compostela. When you think you’re almost there, the last stretch is always longer than expected. ⁣

After about 2,5 km’s My route connects with the Camino Frances. It is more crowded than the Del Norte, which is not difficult given the fact that I only saw one other pilgrim yesterday. Yet it is less crowded than expected. ⁣

After a breakfast break I walk into the suburbs of Santiago, which means I have the opportunity for a selfie with the Santiago sign. It means also that there is yet another few kilometers to go before I am at the official end of this Camino. ⁣

Another difference on the Frances stretch is that there is a different type of pilgrims than on the Del Norte. I see more people limping, wearing bad shoes, I see children and more nationalities. A natural observation given the fact that the Frances is more popular than the Del Norte: it attracts more and a different kind of people. However, sometimes they seem to be lesser prepared than the people on the tougher Del Norte. Is it a more opportunistic approach?⁣

After arriving at the square I visit the pilgrim office to collect my compostela. The official sign of completing this Camino. Subsequently I visited the local living room of the Dutch Santiago society and while talking to Klaas, the host, new plans for a next Camino start to emerge …