Camino del Norte – Day 4: Luarca – La Caridad – 33km

Stepping out on to the street this morning I was greeted by drizzle. Just before when I checked the weather app, it said that there was only a 7% chance on rain and it also said that it was not raining. However, it was enough water to get really wet today, so I stopped even before I started and put on my rain jacket and hat. Later it became clear that the rain wasn’t really rain but a constant drizzle from low hanging clouds. Time to start walking with my head in the clouds! ?

Today was a relative easy route and by the end of the morning I had already covered 20 kilometers and had no feeling for stopping yet. In the middle of the morning the clouds cleared to a bit higher altitude and the rain gear went back into the backpack. The sun did not show, but with 20 degrees and high humidity it was a sweaty endeavor. At the end of the day I treated myself to a nice hotel room in Casa Xusto in La Caridad. Highly recommendable!