Camino del Norte – Day 8: Vilalba – Baamonde – 21,5 km.⁣

Today was a relative short day: only 21,5 km and I am in my hostel around 1pm already. It felt like a busy route Today, after a break I reentered the Camino in the middle of a group Pilgrims from Australia. Spread out over a few hundred meters about 10 people were walking. Compared to the days that were almost alone it was crowded! One of the Australian ladies I spoke to was already on her 22nd Camino! So, should I think that my 6th Camino is a lot, think again ?⁣

The route today continued through the rolling landscape, no serious climbs for Today, which is good for a change. ⁣

The last 100 km is ahead of me. 100 km is often a landmark for Pilgrims, especially on the Camino Frances many people walk the last 100 km to be eligible for their Compostela when arriving in Santiago. In most places the 100 km mark is written all over by pilgrims with all kinds of messages. Not sure if that’s the reason, but here in Baamonde they decided not to place a 100 km marker, but a 99,994 marker instead. Hence some pilgrims started to created a pile of rocks just 6 meters left of it, at the 100 km mark (last picture).⁣