Camino del Norte – Day 9: Baamonde – Boimorto – 44km⁣

Today was a long day. As a runner I never completed a marathon, but as a hiker I did today. With a little extra. ⁣

I chose to follow a new route of the Camino del Norte that was said to have no services available. So last night I stocked already supplies for Today. Also it was Sunday, so the place I was staying at was not serving breakfast until 8:30am. Much too late for a Pilgrim. Hence during my first break I enjoyed my carried along breakfast. It was the first time I saw other pilgrims on the route. ⁣⁣

Later I was happily surprised to see a bar at the route. Best part of the bar was that they were open and served coffee. Here I also met a group of 8 Spanish pilgrims. It was “crowded” in this place. The remainder of the day I would not meet any walking pilgrims again. During a later break I had a short conversation with two American girls who were doing the Camino on a bicycle. As there are some steep climbs, also on this part, I asked them how they managed: They followed the road and walked up and cycled down. ⁣⁣

Today’s stretch is relatively easy. Some climbs, but it felt that there are more descents along endless roads. The only serious traffic I encountered today was a herd of cows that was on it’s way to a different location. No running with the bulls for me, but stepping aside for the cows. ⁣⁣

Upon arrival in the Albergue in Boimorto it felt as if I am the only guest Today. According to the nice hospitalero there are a few others. So far I haven’t seen them. While writing this in the courtyard, the hospitalero and her family celebrate the birthday of one of their family members and I am offered a piece of the birthday cake. ⁣⁣

It’s a warm welcome