The past weekend I had the pleasure of conducting a photo trip to the island of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean. In many aspects Bonaire is a colorful island. Many of the buildings on the island are painted in bright colors and also nature, and especially the waters around Bonaire, shows some of its finest colors. Take for instance the salt mining area at Bonaire where for years already salt is being extracted from the Caribbean sea. The whole process on Bonaire is a natural process; water is being pumped in large man made ponds and then sun and wind will do their job to evaporate the water leaving behind the crystalized salt, ready for harvesting.  During the process the water shows some interesting colors. Pink on one side of the salt dunes, green on the other. A flock of Flamingo’s adds their own shade of pink to the color palette. And when you turn around you will see the Caribbean sea showing it’s many shades of blue.