I am quickly getting closer to Santiago. Today was a long walk of 44 km in the hope that the remaining 18 to Santiago can be covered tomorrow in the morning. That will bring me to Santiago on time for the 12 o’clock mass in the cathedral.

The landscape was great again today. Hilly and walking through many eucalyptus forests. They smelled good and reminded me of my mother every time I entered such a forest. She often used eucalyptus oil and I never paid much attention to the typical smell of the oil: it was a flavor that belonged in her house. Now in Northern Spain it suddenly smells as if I am back in time and in her living room again.

The eucalyptus is a typical tree, long straight and loosing its bark as it grows. It looks at first sight as if the tree is sick with all the bark hanging around it an dropped on the ground. But as every tree I saw looked like this I am sure it is the way it has to be.

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