Here on the Camino the three most asked questions are about the pilgrim and his/her background. It is not about what we do, it is about who we are, where we come from and if we are planning to go all the way. The last two days I have met people from South Korea, Japan, Denmark, France, Spain, The Netherlands, England, Ireland, Germany, Australia and the USA. Probably I will be meeting with more nationalities while we continue. It is amazing to see how everybody blends together as we all have a common cause in walking to Santiago de Compostela.

Today, on the second day another question came to the pack, the question where people started their Camino. Most did at Saint Jean-Pied-de-Port, but some already started at Le Puy en Valley in the middle of France. At the Pyrenees these people are practically half way. Interesting to see that these people regret already being half way on their Camino. We’ll see I am only finishing up my second day at Larasoaña.

Unfortunately Larasoaña did not provide any wifi connection, so this will turn into a multi-day update.

Today while walking our third leg (34 km!) I realized that there is also one question not being asked among the Pilgrims. That question is why we are walking the Camino to Santiago de Compostela. It could be an interesting question, but nobody asks. Today a new question popped up and that is where a Pilgrim started. As we are further into the Camino new starting places show up. And hence a Pilgrim may have started later.

Interesting enough the Camino bonds the people walking it. There is an instant connection and we can walk for kilometers with a good conversation, but also kilometers together without a word. A great bonding.

As said, today we walked 34 km, forced by the fact that one Auberge did no longer exist and we needed to add another 7 km to our day. We crossed Pamplona and the well known Pilgrim monument at the Alto del Perdón