What do you bring to the Camino? In general, there is a huge focus on weight among the pilgrims. And rightfully so, after all, every ounce you bring needs to be carried every step you make. So whatever you don’t bring is a good choice. In the first picture below you can see what I packed in my pack today. The pack now totals up to 9 kilograms, without water. When adding water and lunch to it I will probably carry around 12 kg. Which is within the range of what it should be. Not in the picture are my camera, obviously, iPad and my Tilley hat.

I have been looking if there are items that I can leave out, but there is not much luxury in there, nothing that I could have left home. I already left out gloves and long underwear. These are among the risks that I can take as I don’t expect that I will need them. The current weather forecast is for next week already sunny and 29 degrees around the time that I will be in Pamplona.

Some pilgrims go to the extreme in their weight obsession. They will even cut off the handle of the toothbrush and will leave at least the bottom half of one of the zip-off pants at home. They try to minimize every gram. If the weather stays good I can probably send a vest home by using the rare specialism that the post offices along the Camino: assisting pilgrims by sending stuff home.


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