While walking my camino I am walking from hostel to hostel, or from auberge to auberge. Most the Camino routes, and especially the Camino Francés are very well equipped with auberges in almost every city. During the high season making a reservation might be recommendable, right now it is not needed. So when I start walking I plan, or better said think about, to what city I would like to walk and simply start walking. This provides a lot of flexibility to me, when I feel good I can continue or when I feel for it I can stop earlier and have an afternoon off. Today for instance for two times I decided to continue ending up in Belorado after 40 km of walking.

Every auberge is different. Some are private owned, some are provided by the community or by the local church or monastery. Some provide communal meals, some have a kitchen where you can cook your own meal and with some you have to get out to get a meal at a local bar or restaurant.

It also means that every night will be a different experience. So far I have spent the night in rooms with, 8, 40, 24 and 2 beds. The latter one may sound good and in one case it was, last night however it was different as the assigned roommate did not follow the pilgrim rules. These rules in general have the silence and lights out sign at 22:00 and a wake up rhythm between 6:00 and 7:00. My roommate from last night decided to go bed in a loudly manner at 23:30 and then was moaning when I got out and turned on the light at 6:00 to start walking. So far this is an exception and most pilgrims follow the code and the nightly experience is in general ony disturbed by the amount of snorers in the room.

The auberge in Roncesvalles (the first picture) is so far one of the best and newest auberges.