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A week on the Camino Del Norte
All the way
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Country life
Camino del Norte – Day 11
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Camino del Norte – Day 7
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About this morning …
The surroundings of Almen
Camino Muxía Finisterre 2018
The beaches of Vlieland
Sunrise in Almen
Singapore by night
Kuala Lumpur
Snowy winterland
Camino Portugués 2017
Duin & Kruidberg
Camino 2016
Winter morning at the moorland
It is just a matter of providing very clear directions
Waking up in Maastricht
Last day encounters on the Camino
O Cebreiro and beyond
On to Cacabelos
It is good to be back on the Camino! 
Back to the Camino
When in Rome
A week after the Camino
Day 28: The last walking day
Day 27: Fisterra
Day 25: Continuing after Santiago
Day 24: Santiago!
Day 23: Getting closer to Santiago
Day 22: New types of pilgrims along the road
Day 21: Galicia
Day 20: Entering Galicia
Day 19: Brand new shoes
Day 18: A dangerous track: wolves and bandits
Day 17: David and the House of God
Day 16: The last day of the flatlands.
Day 15: The King and I
Day 14: Getting closer to León
Day 12 & 13: The Meseta continued
Day 11: The first day on the Meseta
Day 10: Big cities
Day 9: Some more photo impressions
Day 8: The auberges
Day 7: Some photo impressions
Day 6: the stamps of the Camino
Day 4 & 5: Continuing through Navarra
Day 2 & 3: Questions at the Camino
Day 1: The Pyrenees
What do you bring to the Camino?
Amsterdam in fall colors
Two lemons
The incredible lighting of sunset
Colorful Bonaire
A stone for the Cruz de Ferro