Camino del Norte – Day 5: La Caridad – Ribadeo – 31 km

Magnificent Views! 

If there are only two words that I could use to describe Today’s stretch then it is the combination of these two: Magnificent Views!

I decided to follow two detours along the GR E9 today that guided me closer to the coast than the way-marked Camino route does. The first one was around Cabo Blanco where an ancient Celtic fort was located. The second detour was even more beautiful, because now the sun was out and shed a different light on the environment. One Spanish gentleman tried to protect me from taking the “wrong” route, as the route to Santiago was different then the one I was following and my route was harder to walk. However, I was stubbornly enough to continue and it paid off. It did remind me though to improve my Spanish before the next Camino. 

Later I met a very kind old lady who started a conversation about my hike to Santiago. She blessed me on my route going forward and had many questions that I did not understand. Nevertheless it was a nice conversation. Note to self: learn to speak Spanish!

Ribadeo is the first city in Galicia on this Camino. That also means that starting Tomorrow I will leave the coast behind me and will go land inward towards Santiago de Compostela.